real Techniques Powder Brush

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Staceface I have very sensitive skin and usually itch from most products but I didn't from this! It's so light and fluffy, I love putting on loose powder with this brush and it stretches the product without completely absorbing into the brush. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that I'm not a fan of the handle. The end gets wider and holds more weight than I'd like but this is the best brush I've ever gotten for it's value!

Chrismacx2 Sam Chapman hit the nail on the head! I absolutley love this makeup brush line. I have most of the brushes (even bought doubles of some) in the Real Techniques collection and they are incredibly soft and very affordable. There are only a couple that I don't find very useful to me personally but for the quality and price you just can't beat it. I have tried many different types of brushes as a beginner makeup artist and I turn to these brushes day after day. The only con I can mention is that even though some are designed to stand up on a table, they are a little shaky espcially if you bump your table or tap them accidentaly. But like I said before, that isn't enough of a flaw to not use these brushes. I recommend them to anyone looking for good quality, affordable, travel friendly, practical brushes, from beginner to pro. Fabulous!

Traci Super soft bristles and huge, fluffy brush head make this the perfect powder brush for me. The bristles are loosely packed so that you don't get too much powder, and they're so soft that application is a treat. Great addition to my brush collection.

DeePee Super soft bristles and huge, fluffy brush head make this the perfect powder brush for me. The bristles are loosely packed so that you don't get too much powder, and they're so soft that application is a treat. Great addition to my brush collection.

AmiCutes I love real technique brushes! I bought the blush brush and powder brush and they are good quality bruhes that are at an affordable price! These brushes are soooooo soft and applies make up so smoothly and flawlessly.

Sarah Y I use this brush for applying lose HD powder and it's great for that. The brush is super soft and applies the product well. The synthetic bristles clean well.

brush fanatic I bought this to add to my real technique collection of brushes. I love these brushes because they are synthetic- they wash really well, NO SHEDDING. They are made really well. I use this brush to lightly brush fininshing powder on my face- or a general sweep to blend and get any loose powder off. Its really big- does a super job-excellent value for the price- I prefer these brushes over ones I have spent a lot more money on.

jj1150 I had reviews of this brand of brush and thought it would be just great to use with Bare Minerals make up.

Yes, this brush is very soft, so soft, I felt I had NO make up on my face at all. To be fair, I did try this brush for several days, and at the end of the day, it looked like I had no make up on at all (not what I've been experiencing since switching back to Bare Minerals).

So, if this works for you .... that's good. It just didn't work for me :(

Princess Glitz I have owned a knock-off brand powder brush for years, thinking it was pretty good. After 10 years, I finally decided to get a new one. I had been tempted to buy a way more expensive powder brush, but did not want to pay for something that wasn't getting great reviews. So I took a chance with this one. I'm so glad I took that chance! All I can say is I LOVE this Real Techniques powder brush! It is AMAZINGLY soft! It has a full head of bristles, unlike the cheaper-quality brushes. I love how it stands up on its own, due to it's handle. The handle is easy to grip. I did a deep clean recently (shampoo), and it dried just as soft as when I bought it. A minor thing is that the white-tipped bristles will get stained with use of bronzer or mineral foundation. But it does not change the quality of the brush (and does wash out). I use this for dipping in my loose powder and for sweeping bronzer on my face. It picks up the powder/bronzer very well (do remember to tap off the excess before applying). I could go on and on about this brush, but basically, before buying a more-expensive brush, try this one. You won't regret it! (I love it so much I think I want the rest in this collection.)

StudentonaBudget I really love the Real Technique brushes! I have a couple of them and they never disappoint. I've had two for about a year now and they have not shed a single hair. Even though they're synthetic fibers, I don't have a problem with picking up product or blending it out. The bristles don't stain either. The powder brush is MASSIVE. I can cover my entire cheek with this brush. It makes applying powder much quicker and I don't ever get cake face with this brush (even though I'm heavy handed). I was startled at first because I thought the brush hadn't applied any powder but when I touched my face, I could feel that the powder had indeed been applied and set my foundation.

The weight of the brush is perfect--not too light or heavy that I can't get a good balance (don't really know how to explain it). The name of the brush and the brand hasn't worn off which is helpful if I want to buy more of them later (I highly doubt that I'll be replacing them any time soon!).

The only thing I don't like is that the white tips show that they're used but that's a personal issue--this way, I'm encouraged to wash my brushes more often!

All in all, I'd definitely recommend this brush! It's super budget friendly when you compare it to high end or luxury brand brushes yet I think it does a great job at applying powder for a natural finish.


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real Techniques Powder Brush

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